Best Organic Fertilizers

Asked October 2, 2019, 4:12 PM EDT

Hi there, I’ve been gardening since summer and had pretty decent success with my summer plants, but I’ve had my fall garden about 3 weeks now and only half of it has budded. I was hoping to get some advice on gardening, out door in California in the fall. I was also wondering if there are any fertilizers that are organic that can help plants in the beginning stages. I’m currently growing things like spinach, lettuce, kale, and annual flowers. Please help:)

Tulare County California

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Thank you for your question. First, I’m uncertain what you mean when you indicate a plant is not ‘budded.’ Plants grow more slowly—if the species grows at all—when days get shorter and there are fewer supplies of water, light and nutrients. Your county Master Gardeners may be able to help: Second, there are varying definitions of ‘organic fertilizer.’ You may mean non-commercialy produced fertilizers or those derived from organic sources. Here is an article on that topic: Hope these are helpful. Good luck!