What is this weed?

Asked October 2, 2019, 11:15 AM EDT

Would like to identify this weed which has come up in my garden for two years.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Marion, thanks for your response. You have identified the plant! Wish it had a nicer name than "rabbit tobacco." I think I like "sweet everlasting" better as it is a "beautiful plant". Are rabbits attracted to it because they eat the plant? Is this plant a native? I am disposed to let it grow. rather than pulling it up. Thanks, Sandy Ceely

In checking with the Maryland Biodiversity Project link above, it is a native plant and so would be great to allow to grow.
We don't know why it has rabbit in the name, but that page also shows "Fragrant cudweed" and "Catfoot" as other common monikers if you like them better.