Artillery Fungus in main plating bed

Asked October 2, 2019, 9:24 AM EDT

Hello. We have identified artillery fungus in our front landscaping bed. It has already shot spores on our siding and front of the house. We have a landscaper coming in to add mulch around the entire perimeter of the house as well as add new plants. With finding artillery fungus already, we're now unsure whether we should proceed with mulch again. Here are my questions. 1) If the plants in the mulch bed are covered in artillery fungus spores, should they be removed completely and disposed of before new mulch is added to reduce the risk of recontaminating the new mulch beds with the fungus? 2) If you get the fungus once, remove all the infected plants and mulch and then replant, are you at a higher risk of this fungus coming back in the future? 3) The front area near our house gets a healthy amount of sun and the sides of our house have more shade. Does this increase the risk of artillery fungus coming back in these higher shade areas? 4) Iv'e read that adding mushroom compost to new mulch beds can suppress this fungus from forming. Is this accurate? And if so, how do you correctly and effectively mix in mushroom compost to hardwood mulch?

Dakota County Minnesota

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Here is a very complete article about artillery fungus and possible solutions from Penn State: