When to pick Granny Smith apples 2019

Asked October 1, 2019, 3:30 PM EDT

We live not far from East Lansing and have apple trees. Why are Granny Smith apples not on your predicted pick date chart? When should they be ready this year?

Livingston County Michigan

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Granny Smith is a real late season apple and harvest is usually 175 to 180 days after bloom about 3 to 4 weeks after Red Delicious (150 days after bloom). Because it is so late there are very few grown in Michigan. The projected harvest dates in our MSU fruit reports are based on bloom date and the weather for the month after bloom. If I remember correctly the three bloom dates we track are McIntosh, Jonathan and Red Delicious and the other varieties are adjusted from there. I think that your Granny Smith will be ready to harvest close to the end of the month of October. I suggest you sample a few towards the end of the month. If they freeze on the tree that should not hurt them. Do not pick them while they are frozen! The skin will appear slightly wrinkled. You can pick after they thaw. If this doesn't answer your question let me know what else you need. The apple is a good keeper and mellows in storage.