Winterizing Raised Garden Beds

Asked October 1, 2019, 3:08 PM EDT

Hello - We have 3 garden beds that we have been using the last 3 years. We started with 1 bed and have added 1 each year. I'm wondering what I should do in the Fall to help soil nutrients so I don't have to change the soil. 1. Does Fall planting (I'm thinking garlic, carrots, beets, etc) help overall nutrients? 2. Is mid October the right time for Fall planting? 3. Can I plant "cover crops" in the Fall, or is that more of an early spring/summer thing? I assume this lessens my growing season? 4. If I keep up with rotating crops and adding nutrients by planting and adding compost, will there ever be a need to remove soil from my beds? Thank you! Rob

Hennepin County Minnesota

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There really isn't anything that you can plant now that would do anything this late in the year. If you keep rotating your vegetables and add compost you don't need to remove the soil. It is really no different than just growing them in the ground. Here is a link to info that you may find helpful. Click on open links to get access to all of them.