Dogwood problem?

Asked October 1, 2019, 10:24 AM EDT

My son’s dogwood looks to me like it has a problem. Can you comment on it. The leaves of our dogwood are starting to fall but they don’t look withered.

Montgomery County Maryland native dogwood leaves drooping trees dogwood dogwood leaves hanging and brown

1 Response

This tree looks severely dehydrated, not surprising since we're in record-breaking drought. We'd recommend watering it immediately. Water slowly (a long-lasting slow stream from a hose, moved periodically around the entire root zone ) and deeply.

These leaves are drooping and turning brown, which means the roots are in crisis. Do not allow it to go into the winter in dry soil. That will probably kill it entirely.

If watered well now, it may have enough root system left alive to put out leaves in the spring. Water well during dry spells (anytime there is less than 1" of rain a week, spring through fall) for the next 2 years.