Canada Green Turf Grass and Prairie Turf Grass

Asked October 1, 2019, 8:43 AM EDT

Can the Prairie Turf Grass from midwest do well in Rockville/Potomac, Maryland. These are native grass during the buffalo days. Also, Canada Green Turf Grass - is it that much better than home depot seeds?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Prairie grasses tend to not do well here because of our humidity.

For Maryland native grasses, look at the online publication "Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping: Chesapeake Bay Watershed".
It has color photos and growing information on each.

We do not recommend Canada Green Turf Grass based on its cost and performance.

Tall fescue is the best performing lawn grass for Maryland. Creeping red fescue is native, but needs shade. Hard fescues are clumpers and need little mowing. That's a possibility.

Here is our page on grass seed :