Help with apple identification?

Asked September 30, 2019, 5:53 PM EDT

I would like to identify some apple trees growing on Highway 20 in Benton and Lincoln County. Most are probably Malus x domestica, but there are some really odd ones with small fruit. Are they other taxa? Are the self-sown descendents of cultivated Malus x domestica? I have some good photos (including sections of the fruit) as well as two voucher specimens. Can you recommend someone to communicate with about this? I've uploaded photos for one plant. -- Barbara Wilson

Benton County Oregon

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Hi Barbara,

We don't have experts to do identification, however the Home Orchard Society has a whole event around just that. You will need to take some samples of the fruit, leaves, and even a small sample of the branch. has all of the information you will need, and lucky you - the event is coming up shortly.