Black spider with white spot

Asked September 30, 2019, 3:23 PM EDT

Could someone help me identify this spider? It was found on my porch in Greenville SC

Greenville County South Carolina

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Do you have a better image? The agent cannot tell anything from the photo. :(

No, unfortunately I don't have a better picture. I can say that the entire spider including the legs were all black, sleek and shiny looking (not fuzzy). The abdomen was perfectly round like a small black marble. The only marking was on the back was tan/white and in no particular shape - other than round(ish). The white line on the back is from the camera. Does that help at all? Thank you for your assistance!

I am not able to find anyone to help positively identify this spider.
My apologies.

It appears to be a trapdoor spider:

I agree it looks like a trapdoor spider. Great find and suggestion Kristena. Thank you very much everyone!