bamboo dying not healthy

Asked September 30, 2019, 3:05 PM EDT

I have a grove of bamboo that has been at our home before 1992. It is 20ft by 15 foot bed of bamboo. I very large evergreen tree was planted in this grove and needed to be removed due to being damaged in a wind storm and the neighbor thought it might fall down. It was not diseased. Since removing the tree 1 year ago the bamboo has continued to brown and loose leaves. Some bamboo has begun to grow in, however, the large area is browned and leafless. I would like an expert to come and look at this and see how we can revive the bambool. Vanessa Rousseau

Washington County Oregon

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It would be most helpful to a diagnosis if you could send along a few photos illustrative of the problems that you mentioned. It may be helpful also if you contacted local bamboo growers and asked them about what they would recommend based upon your description. You would most likely locate experts within this community.