Best Plants for Eastern Shore of Maryland

Asked September 30, 2019, 9:17 AM EDT

Good morning, We just moved to Easton, Maryland. We really don't know anything about outdoor plants and trees. We would appreciate your advice on what types of plants and trees are deer resistant and when it is appropriate to plant them. We would also appreciate information on their care and maintenance. We have full sun exposure on the southern side of our house between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and full to partial on the eastern, northern and western sides from sunrise to sunset. We like variety (flowering, ferns, grasses, crepe myrtle, hollies, boxwoods, camilla, etc.) and prefer relatively maintenance-free plants which will not grow into or over each other. We already have a sprinkler system in place. Thank you. September 30, 2019

Talbot County Maryland

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Notice what plants you see growing successfully in your area. Try to plant natives. There are many beautiful, even spectacular, ones.

There is a wealth of information about all these topics on our website. We have a search box for your use. You can search 'shrubs', 'trees' etc.

Here is a good online publication about how to plant trees and shrubs:

An excellent source for a native plant list is "Native Plant for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping", an online publication that has photos for each plant, the best site for them (how sunny, moist, etc.), and deer appeal.

One important element that this pub covers is the type of soil type that different plants like. Soil in your area can be sandy or clay or a mix. That can be crucial. Incorporating organic matter into the soil improves both these soil types.

Beware of foreign invasive plants such as English ivy or ajuga.

We'd be glad to give you more input when you've narrowed down your choices.