Tick Tubes

Asked September 30, 2019, 1:37 AM EDT

I am considering purchasing (or making my own) tick tubes, when is the best time of year to plant them on my property in order to be most effective. My property is surrounded by woods full of deer, the ticks are terrible.

Queen Anne's County Maryland

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Now would be a good time of year to put out tick tubes and also in early spring. You could even make your own using permethrin-treated cotton balls in cardboard cylinders. The pesticide is called Damminix. White-footed mice (carriers of ticks) use the treated cotton as nesting material. The pesticide does not harm the mice but will kill their tick parasites. The cylinders must be placed close enough together to be available to all female mice in an area where control is desired. Since many animals other than mice serve as tick hosts, Damminix can only be considered part of a tick control program. Damminix is a registered pesticide product and label instructions should be followed carefully.



Thank you for the quick response !

I will follow your advise