Did Flower store van make us Ill?

Asked September 29, 2019, 10:57 PM EDT

Recently my son and I attended an event. His farther in-law drove us there about an hour in van each way. Within a week my son came down with breathing problems and a several days later I also became very I'll.

His condition ended.up diagnosing as pneumonia and a few days afterward my condition is going downhill and one lung is obviously crackling and filling up. Is it possible as we both have allergies to cats and flowers in the house, we were overloaded with this pollen an that which may have settled in our lungs is the culprit? His van is used mainly.for.delivering floral.arrangements.and.they do many weddings and church functions with the high end arrangements.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania

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This has certainly been a premium year for allergies. We've had no rain to speak of and the air is full of pollen, mold an dust. You need to take your son to an allergist and get him tested. If he has plant related allergies, the doctor will find which ones and recommend a treatment.