Starter Fertilizer Recommendation

Asked September 29, 2019, 7:09 PM EDT

Good afternoon, I am a homeowner. I attached here a pic of results of my soil test for our lawn. This is for complete rennovation of our lawn. We killed the lawn, roto tilled it, cleaned the debris, and getting ready to apply limestone, potash, starter fertilizer, and seed for tall fescue. We were not able to till 4-6" deep because the soil was compact. I think it is tilled roughly 1-2" deep. For Maryland homeowners, do you still recommend starter fertilizer? If yes, do you recommend a specific type and amount? Thank you for your help in advance :) Nahid

St. Mary's County Maryland

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Hi - For the successful establishment of a lawn, we do recommend tilling into the top six inches of soil the amount of lime and fertilizer that was recommended from your soil test results. Based on your soil test results, you do not need to add phosphorus. Look for a lawn maintenance fertilizer with zero phosphorus rather than a starter fertilizer. Try to till deeper; you will need to moisten the soil if we do not have rain. If this is too difficult, you might consider renting a core aerator that will pull out plugs of soil about 3" to 4" deep.
Refer to our page on core aeration.

Here is our information about lawn fertilizing. Fertilizer must be applied no later than November 15, as per the Maryland Fertilizer Law.


Thank you Christa for your recommendations. It looks like we need to look into aeration for our lawn as tilling was very difficult in dry soil.