My Dahlia plant has given me some beautiful flowers so far, I see nothing...

Asked September 29, 2019, 5:27 PM EDT

My Dahlia plant has given me some beautiful flowers so far, I see nothing wrong with the buds that form, however, my leaves look wilted, and they have browns spots all lover the leaves, with brown and yellowish white tiny spots all over the leaves. Please help, I am trying to identify the problem, and hopefully do not have to kill off my plant from disease. The leaves end up going all brown and dying and drying up, again my flowers are beautiful. If you can help it would greatly be appreciated.
Julie D.

Sussex County Delaware

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Sorry for the delay in answering.

It is hard to diagnose the problem with your dahlias without seeing them. There are several reasons why the leaves are turning brown and dying which include insects, virus, damp conditions and over watering. If you wish to have a definitive analysis take samples of the plant to the Sussex County Cooperative Extension Office. 16483 County Seat Highway (Route 9) Georgetown, DE .

Most problems are the result of over watering, damp conditions and poorly drained soil. Other likely reason are viral diseases some of which cause the symptoms that you describe. To combat these the plant can be sprayed with a fungicide before the symptoms are detected. Of course that is too late for this year’s crop.

Most of the literature recommends starting over with new disease resistant tubers planted in well-drained soil well apart from each other. Don’t water the tubers until the first leaves appear and water twice a week. Keep the water off of the leaves as much as possible. The plant can be sprayed with fungicide early as a preventive and again if the disease is noticed.

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