Are These Gubs, If So How to Get Rid Of Them

Asked September 29, 2019, 9:17 AM EDT

Hi, I set some traps out on top of pocket gopher mounds. Now I'm also finding what I'm guessing are harmful grubs? Can you look at the pictures and confirm?

If they are harmful, would the product "Grubgone" work to remove them? It's pet friendly which I like, but expensive. I'd like to make sure it's the right product before I buy.

Douglas County Colorado

2 Responses

Those appear to be slugs rather than grubs. Slugs can also be major pests as they will munch on your plants. My favorite remedy is to trap them with beer....I'm not joking here.

I have attached a link to the CSU extension facts sheet on slugs. There are great tips included on how to get rid of the slugs and also how to make them not want to be in your yard in the first place.

Thank you!