Relocate catfish?

Asked September 29, 2019, 7:56 AM EDT

We need rain. These catfish are swimming around the surface and I'm concerned. I was going to fish them out yesterday, but a copperhead showed up. I waited for three hours. It's going to be 92 degrees today and no rain forecasted. What if anything do you suggest? This is a public lake so I can't shoot the copperhead. Are the catfish in distress?

Wake County North Carolina

2 Responses

Thank you for contacting us. If it's a public lake you may want to get in touch with who ever is in charge of the lake before you try to relocate them. Relocating them maybe more stressful and if it's a state or city manager lake there may be restrictions on removing the fish or stocking them somewhere else.

Nobody is manager of this lake. Police are who would be called. Anyway...

The fish are staying in this lake, but to an area where there is water before they die, or get eaten by the snake. There is no coverage, and the water gone.