algae bloom in 1.5 acre pond

Asked September 28, 2019, 2:36 PM EDT

How do I contain a current algae bloom in my fishing pond? It all happened this past week. There are no mats, only 4mm to 2cm filaments of algae suspended over whole pond in a zone from about a 9 inched deep to the surface, below which the water seems clear. The top inch near surface is less dense but filaments are a bit clumpy - no mats all clumps <9mm in diameter. On the windward side of pond there is a thin layer of green scum. See pics.

Nelson County Kentucky

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It sounds like filamentous algae. If possible, aeration is a good first step and can reverse a bloom. I suspect, however, that with cooler weather forcast we may see the bloom go away on its own. The below links especially the second should be able to confirm identification and as a result help with the decision of how to treat.