What is wrong with my grass?

Asked September 28, 2019, 2:17 PM EDT

This sod/grass was just laid July of last year. We have studiously watered, fertilized and cared for it. This summer we started noticing small patches appear and they have spread quickly to this. We have treated for grub worms, and are using Edge Lawn service to possibly help. After the first treatment, it improved, but only for a short time. Then it started growing again. Edge recommended less water. We noticed a dramatic increase in the spreading with less water. Now over 1/2 of the lawn is covered. Please help us save our new lawn!

Adams County Colorado

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Hi and thanks for contacting us. We would need to know just how much fertilizer and water you have been using. Do you have a Sprinkler system? Have you used a pesticide around this area? Do you have pets or children that are using this area a lot? I am giving you some links to good lawn care and the Horticulturists here can do a lawn check for you if the Master gardener volunteers cannot figure out what is going on. The Horticulturists will come and do an evaluation and it costs $50.00 and there is a form to fill out. Here is a link to the lawn care publication.


You can also try a good lawn service
Here are three you can choose from and research:

Mile High Landscape and Lawn Service
Sunrise Lawn Care
Happy Roots.