Is this a wild flower or pretty weed?

Asked September 28, 2019, 9:58 AM EDT

This plant appeared in bloom this month. I am sure I didn’t plant it. Thanks.

Oakland County Michigan

2 Responses

This is a confusing photo. The leaves seem to belong to a pernicious weed called garlic mustard. When you pull it, the roots are whitish and quite deep for the height of the leaves. You need to dig it out as the leaves will separate from the roots, leaving the roots intact to grow again.
The flower has nothing to do with garlic mustard. When you pull this clump, see if you can identify another plant hiding in there. The flower is similar to the wild evening primroses- single flower with four lobed petals. This is a late summer blooing plant.
As with any unindentified plant, don't let it reseed or spread by means of underground roots until you know if you can control it. I would be interested to see the other plant if you can find it in the clump of garlic mustard.

Thank you. I will have to pull the garlic in two weeks when I return home. Very interesting that it’s a two-fer. I will send a photo if I retrieve the second!