Raspberry Variety

Asked September 27, 2019, 10:56 PM EDT

Twenty years ago we planted raspberries in our garden in bottom land along the South Umpqua River. They have done very well, even when we have had near-drought summers. They don't have a very sweet raspberry flavor, but they're a firm berry that keeps well. I'm writing in hopes you might have any idea what variety they are - friend asked me, and I have long ago forgotten! The berries bloom and bear almost the whole summer from June through November, and are generally big berries, maybe 3/4" -1" in size. I have attached a picture, hoping that helps! Thanks, Sherrie Wieland

Douglas County Oregon raspberries horticulture

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I would guess that your variety is either Amity or Heritage. These are ever bearing varieties that produce in both summer and fall. The Heritage is normally the better tasting of these two and the Amity berry is a little larger than the Heritage berry. I would lean toward Amity.