Moving Chicago Minature Fig Tree

Asked September 26, 2019, 7:55 PM EDT

Over 2 summers, I grew this tree from a cutting. This summer it "exploded" to 3.5' and about 7 branches, each about 30" each! Also it is producing figs!!! But I just realized that I should move it to the south side of house so more of the figs would ripen. I am a great gardener but stumped on this. Move in fall, correct? Cut back all the branches- to about 12"???? And realize probably no fig production next year? What do you think? Any advice? Thank you so so much!

Baltimore County Maryland fruit fig plant care

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Hi- 'Hardy Chicago' is a good choice for central and northern MD. We assume your plant is in the ground. After you are done harvesting figs prune back branches as you describe prior to digging it up and transplanting it. Take as much of a root ball as you can manage and keep the plant well-watered through fall and early winter. Trimming roots will stimulate new root growth.

The key to ensuring figs next year is winter protection for the above ground wood. Use insulating and protective materials (leaves, straw, bubble wrap, tarps) to prevent winter injury. Figs will be produced next year on shoots that grow from wood that successfully overwinters.