Wasp infestation on Thornless Hockthorn Cockspur tree

Asked September 26, 2019, 3:55 PM EDT

We have recently had a wasp infestation on a 25 yr old Thornless Hockthorn tree on the south side of our Meadows home. There are no buds at this time, just leaves but some of the leaves in the under area are turning yellow. Concerned that the wasps are attracted to the tree because of something that is hurting the tree

Douglas County Colorado

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It is possible the wasps are eating an insect or residue from insects that are on the tree. Do an inspection of your tree - look under leaves and on branches etc for the insect itself or signs of insects like holes in leaves. If you find the insect or signs of the insect, take pictures and email it to us or bring a sample (put in a baggie) and bring into the extension office. We can then assist you on treating your tree.

Thank you!