Yellow Jacket problem

Asked September 26, 2019, 10:43 AM EDT

It appears I have a bees nest problem. This is a recent, prolific, infestation of what appears to be small yellow jacket type bees (see attached pic). They have taken up residency on back porch behind the siding with access under a piece of flashing. Can't get to them with store bought sprays. Never seen a nest of this type on or in my house in 20 years. Is this a temporary situation or will they return next year causing a bigger issue? They don't bother anyone right now, but I don't want a bigger problem later. Should I get an exterminator or let nature take its course? Thanks. Mike.

Howard County Maryland yellow jacket nest beneficial insects and pollinators wasps under flashing

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Yellow jackets are considered beneficial as they help control/eat many pest insects.
Here is our page about them:

In most cases if the nest is located outdoors, with the first hard frost the queen will overwinter elsewhere and the workers will die. The nest is not reused the following year. You could monitor the situation and see what happens next season.

Since they could be nesting/over-wintering in the eaves or void in your home could consider taking some action to investigate. Should you choose to, we'd suggest you hire a pest control company to do this as these insects can be mean where their nest is involved and proper protection is needed. You also have the option of hiring a bee keeper that controls yellow jacket and hornet nests. See the link from the Maryland State Beekeepers Assn for a listing of beekeepers