Old Trail Resort severe and rapid shoreline erosion

Asked September 25, 2019, 8:31 PM EDT

Our Lake Michigan Waterfront association is about 1.5 miles north of Good Hart. We are in between Harbor Springs and Cross Village. One of our 3 beach front homes recently lost about 20 ft +/- of their yard and beach grass. which exposed rock and riprap that was installed in the early 80s. It happened rapidly and now the lawn is collapsing behind the rocks. It's now a dangerous ledge. Every thing I read supports shoreline Greenscape VS Hardscape. A minimum of 35 ft of natural buffer is recommended between the yard and the beach. that and a gentle slope. Is that possible on a lake Michigan shore line? is there anyone in our area that could come and look at this? Is it possible to fill the void with logs and dead tree stumps and a lot of organic matter and weight that down with rocks and get fast growing trees and cedars planted?? As suggested in the issuu publications I was able to find. Can you direct me somewhere? I've attached a GIS aerial of our association and the neighboring associations shoreline for reference.

Emmet County Michigan

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Hello, and thank you for using eXtension for your shoreline erosion question. I recommend that you consult a professional shoreline landscaper for a consultation. Doing any work or working on the rip-rap along the shoreline of any inland lake in Michigan requires a permit. Go the the http://www.mishorelinepartnership.org/ website for a complete list of certified shoreline professionals who are specially trained to restore and re-landscape shorelines.
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