Blueberry suckers

Asked September 25, 2019, 5:20 PM EDT

Can you transplant suckers that sprout around blueberry bushes and will they produce fruit?

Thank you!

Holmes County Florida

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Most of the highbush, rabbiteye, and southern highbush blueberries I'm familiar with do not develop suckers from the roots, only the crown. Digging and separating suckers from the crown is probably not practical. If indeed you have root suckers, they should work fine to propagate new bushes. This assumes that you are not growing "grafted" plants, where the rootstock is a different genotype than the scion. I don't know of any blueberries that are grafted, but am not familiar with all production areas and types. You might possible be seeing seedlings. Those would/should produce fruit, but the plants will not be the same genotype as the parent plant due to outcrossing.
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