What spider type?

Asked September 25, 2019, 2:50 AM EDT

I live on the Eastern Shore currently and there is a spider living in my dorm room's AC. It looks similar to a grass spider, but I am not close enough to grass for it to be a grass spider (I live on the second floor). I am scared that I have a brown recluse on my hands. What spider is it? Are they harmful? Attached are photos, although they are blurry.

Kent County Maryland wolf spider insect or spider id beneficial insects and pollinators

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Don't worry. It is not a brown recluse spider.
It is a beneficial wolf spider who hunts for other insect pests to eat.
It won't bother you if you leave it alone.
It is not poisonous but could nip you if you were to handle it.
They are covered here: