Looks like a bug bite, but I don' know?

Asked September 24, 2019, 2:04 PM EDT

Hello, just noticed this mark early this morning, not sure if it's a bite or not, hoping it's not a tick.
I have a large garden and spend a lot of time each day in it. A short while ago I used a scrub brush and sulphur soap to try and clean it out, don't know if that'll do any good or not, I also tried squeezing it,
but it doesn't hurt, except a tiny bit when I squeezed it.
Please advise
Thank you for your time and expertise
God Bless

Dona Ana County New Mexico

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Bite marks are difficult to associate with biters. And gardens are good places to be distracted by produce and not pay attention to various critters hiding amid the vines and leaves.

I would think if a tick were involved that it would have bitten elsewhere---like the back of your knee or some place up your leg where the pants constrict their upward climb---particularly if you do a lot of squatting or crawling along on the ground.

A spider in the garden might have been so excited (or pinched) by you picking something like a tomato or a squash that it bit you---but I would think you would have seen and felt such an attack.

Another garden predator might have done this deed.......an assassin bug. This would have been a fairly large insect that was disturbed or pinched as you picked up an arm-load of (something) or brushed by some weed on the edge of the garden or elsewhere. Some, like Zelus, are very common---and also rather slender---easy to overlook. So are their nymphs. They have piercing-sucking mouthparts that perform just like the words sound. They do inject a bit of their own saliva with a bite---so that could be the antigen generating that swollen red area. I think this---or a related 'true bug' would be the likeliest biter---but that's a wild guess.

That red spot looks raised and reactive. Rubbing alcohol would probably be a good swab treatment for it. That could treat any itching associated with the bite. Basic first aid should take care of the situation; if not, there's always the 'Doc in the Box' prescription---and even then, what would their prescribe other than aspirin, Tylenol or ibuprofin for pain and swelling and alcohol or equivalent for redness and itching.

Hope this is helpful.

Thank you so much for your quick response.
I did feel a pinch the other day and thought it was a weed or branch.
No pain, no itching, so all is well
God Bless You