Help with identifying tall garden weed with white fluffy seed “flowers”

Asked September 24, 2019, 12:47 PM EDT

Hi, this summer’s heat prevented me from maintaining my house garden. When it was finally cool enough to tend, I found these unfamiliar tall weeds growing along my house, ranging from 3 feet tall to over 5 feet. I’ve tried every weed identification site online but haven’t found a match. They are tall, with narrow loose saw edged leaves and topped with seed buds, when open they have fluffy white “flowers”. Since I don’t know these weeds, I’d like more information, such as, do I need long sleeves in addition to gloves to pull them out? If so, will give me a rash? Do I need a mask over my nose? I’m not highly allergic but don’t want to mess around something I don’t know.

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Looks like American burnweed, not toxic. Easy to pull annual weed.

Here's more:


Thank you so much Ellen! I checked the link you provided, and yes, it’s confirmed that’s what it is!
Now I can start Fall garden cleanup.