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Asked September 24, 2019, 12:12 PM EDT

we need you back in our house.student come every year.also our garden have questions.need our soil tested,tomatoas not turning red .still on the vine. apple tree .pear tree need trimming/no harvest this years/ we are 170seniors and have question.please come to our you did before.. need explain the Double Foodstamp program and the DOUBLE -up in groceries store> Fair FOOD not up to par.18 months I have only had one time in grocery store. basicly the Card and computer pad program is very annoying,to farmer ,it take up a lot of there time.while customer waiting in line. to us seniors one more card to carry and not having asses to Pad.we donot know how much is on the card. sincerely sigrid melvin

Washtenaw County Michigan

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You may have to share your thoughts on using the Card with the local Farm Market Manager to see if they realize the troubles customers are having. I also spoke with our MSU Extension staff person, Janelle Palmer, a Community Nutrition Instructor and she said she could talk with you about education for the seniors and the cards. Phone 734 222-3924

Tomato fruit really slow down and do not want to ripen when temperatures get below 68 degrees which has been the case most nights since late August. You might be able to pick some and bring indoors to set in a window to see if they will ripen. Trimming apple and pear trees is done in late winter to early spring by thinning out the branches. Basically removing branches that open up spaces between branches. Creating more space between branches allows for larger fruit and less disease problems. For more information on pruning go to the following link and see section Rules of Pruning: