Pickling Cucamelons?

Asked September 24, 2019, 11:07 AM EDT

This summer, I grew a new-to-me plant, the cucamelon--link below. The plant is growing REALLY well, and I am harvesting more than I can eat. Do you have any recipes for preserving or pickling this little veggie? Could I substitute it for cucumbers in a pickle recipe? Thank for your advice!


Larimer County Colorado

1 Response

That is an interesting fruit. Although Melothria scabra is in the Cucurbitaceae family it has very different characteristics and is a classified as a different genus than cucumbers. In order to produce a safe, crisp product, pickling recipes need to be specifically developed for each type of vegetable and there are currently no tested recipes available for these fruits. Our recommendation is to enjoy and share them instead of pickling.