Best time to reseed a lawn Medford OR

Asked September 23, 2019, 5:51 PM EDT

Hi I was curious when the best time would be to reseed my lawn in the fall? It is just a little thin and patchy in areas.

Jackson County Oregon reseeding lawn

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Unless you live up in the Greensprings or other high-altitude location in the rogue Valley, the preferred time to seed a lawn is fall. Keep in mind that the first frost , on average, can occur by mid-October, although previous years have tended to have a later first frost date. You will want your lawn to have sprouted and be growing steadily well before that time. Keep in mind, also, that "patching in" a lawn is most successful when you use the same grass seed mixture as your present lawn. If the "patchiness" you mention is due to weed growth or some vigorous type of seed growing faster than the others or to disease, you may be better off removing the old lawn entirely and starting fresh. Oregon State Extension offers several downloadable pamphlets on growing lawn grasses: EC1521 "Practical Lawn Care for Western Oregon" ( also titled "Maintaining a Healthy Lawn in Western Oregon"). and EC1021, "Establishing New Lawns by seeding" are available at There is also a publication from : PNW299, "Turfgrass Seeding Recommendations." Good luck restoring your lawn and thank you for using ask an Expert.

Great - thank you so much for the great info!
I wasn't sure if there is a more specific week/day/time within fall? I heard that if it gets above a certain temperature it can kill the germinating grass??


It's probably wise at this point to go ahead, keeping an eye on the forecasts (you can get weather information by typing noaaweatherforecastmedfordoregon in your search box as well as there is a small chart in the local paper showing the average, actual , record, and forecasted temperatures for about a week ahead. If you were to look at Monday's paper, for example, you would see that the average temperatures for the current week are not extreme. Usually, September cools down in a hurry, with October giving us lovely late summer warmth, but no heat waves. Even if the temperature gets hot, you can keep the ground evenly moist (don't drown your seeds) to cool it down. You need to give those seeds at least 6 weeks of reasonable "warmth" to ensure success.