Best way to eradicate Burdock

Asked September 23, 2019, 4:00 PM EDT

We back up to a run-off pond that has wild plants growing between our yard and the pond. We don’t mind the “wild” plants but along our grass line burdock grows and causes a problem with all the burrs and dogs getting near them and us! We’d like to plant something else there, maybe something Monarch friendly like milkweed or possibly pollinator friendly. We’d like to know the best way to get rid of the burdock and any suggestions of what to plant in its place. Thank you for your time! Kim Woodcock 651-442-4999

Dakota County Minnesota

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Burdock can be a real pain particularly when the burrs come out. Burdock has a large tap root that it is difficult to pull. if you leave some of the tap root the plant will regrow.
I have found chemical control works best. I have used 2-4-D on it and it is very effective. I would cut the stalks down and dispose of them burrs and all then treat the leaves. The leaves will die, but the plant will grow again with misshapen leaves and then you treat it a second time and that should take care of it.

As far a planting for pollinators there are innumerable websites with planting options. Here is a great one from the U.

ou need to pick plants based on your sun exposure and soil type. Try to pick plants that don't all bloom at once so there is pollen through out the spring , summer , and fall. Also planting in groups of the same plant makes it easier for pollinators to find them because of the splash of color and the concentrated fragrance.