Snake identification

Asked September 23, 2019, 3:19 PM EDT

I live in west salem and recently found this snake living under our house. A neighbor recently cut down 20-30 trees and I have started seeing more snakes in the area. Given that we have dogs and kids I really just want to confirm exactly what it is (bull or gopher most likely) so I can take appropriate action. Thanks! Chris

Polk County Oregon

1 Response

Yes that is a gopher snake. What a wonderful find as they are becoming rarer in the valley due to agriculture, tree planting, overuse of rodenticide and people killing them thinking they are dangerous. They are great for pest control as they eat lots of rodents. If approached they will try to act like a rattlesnake because they are scared and at times will strike if not left alone. But they have very small teeth and just want to get away. They are not a danger to children or pets.