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Asked September 22, 2019, 10:47 PM EDT

I got some call ducklings this spring. (June)Things where going fine. I took them for a bath at 5 days, they where dirty, in my tub. Water was baby warm and only 4 fingers deep. They all seamed to be having fun when all of a sudden one stoud strate up like a runner, fellow over on to it's back, did the back stroke then put its head under water while upside down and swimming. I pulled it out and calmed it down. After a few minutes it was fine.
Though the cource of the year, (a wherd year at that), I only have 2 of the original 16 left. All the ones that performed are died. Is this an illness? New to duck. Debby

Todd County Minnesota

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Hi Debby,
I can't be sure. There are many things that can cause mortality in ducks. Diet, eating something toxic, disease. The UMN vet clinic on the St Paul campus can do an autopsy to diagnose mortality, but with a small flock, it might not be worth taking in a duck if another one were to die.
I would recommend reading a duck raising book, or check out this website:
Hope this helps
Robin ~FIL