Honeyberry disease

Asked September 22, 2019, 3:57 PM EDT

These are 1 year old honeyberry plants. Two varieties. They grew all summer, it was hot and recently very wet. Now the leaves have black spots and are falling. Some canes are bare. Our soil is not well drained and acidic. Other berry plants we have do very well in our soil. I am in south central Ontario. Thank you.

Outside United States

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Honeyberry (Haskaps: Lonicera caerulea) are generally pretty tough, but young plants getting established can be more vulnerable to pests and disease. It's impossible to diagnose with certainty from a picture but this would appear likely to be some kind of fungal infection. It's late in the season, so loss of leaves is not likely to have a serious impact on the plant; however, be sure to remove all leaves and debris from the area: do not compost them. Haskaps prefer a more neutral or slightly acidic soil (pH 5-7), so I would suggest a soil test to determine what the pH is and then amend as necessary. Next year make sure there is good air circulation and the site is in full sun. Here is a brochure from the research centre in Saskatchewan, which has a lot of other information on Haskaps as well: https://gardening.usask.ca/articles-growing-information/haskap.php