Potted Mandarin Tree

Asked September 22, 2019, 11:55 AM EDT

I live in Columbia County in Saint Helens, can a potted Mandarin orange tree survive outside? The only completely covered area I have is my garage, which Im worried would be too dark during the winter months. I was thinking about covering it with plastic similar to a mini greenhouse but Im worried it would encourage scale, bugs or diseases. Thanks

Columbia County Oregon citrus container gardening

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While a lot of Mandarin oranges are listed to be cold-hardy down to 26-28 degrees F, they can lose their fruit and/or leaves at those temperatures although the plant may survive. But another thing to remember is that all tree roots are less cold hardy than the trunk and branches because, in nature, they evolved with soil protecting the roots from extreme cold.

How easy is your pot to move around? I have a loquat in a pot that I move into a garage with a window if temperatures are going to test 32 degrees or lower. Then I move it back out. Last year I hardly had to move it at all. Other years, it has been inside for 10 days at a stretch. I think, like you do, that these subtropical plants are less likely to get scale outside. Give me a call at the Extension office in St. Helens if you want to visit about this more. Chip 503 397-3462