Asked September 21, 2019, 9:07 PM EDT

Hi, I am gardening at the Rochester garden plots along the Zumbro River this year and have a question about the possibility of contracting CWD through eating garden vegetables. The deer visit my garden frequently even though I have a plastic fence up. In one instance, the deer ate some lettuce and I proceeded to pick what was left and washed off the leaves and did eat the remaining lettuce. I know that e.coli can be a problem with deer scat, so I know that is a risk also. If a deer with CWD comes into my garden, should that be of concern to me?

Olmsted County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question.

As volunteer Master Gardeners of the University of Minnesota, our expertise involves gardens, lawns, and plants. Your question is a bit beyond our knowledge sphere. We would suggest that you contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as they are spear heading Minnesota’s initiative on CWD. Their information number is 651-296-6157 and their email address is: Their website is:

Good Luck!!!