White Pine Disease

Asked September 20, 2019, 5:12 PM EDT

I have two (2) White Pine Trees (5- 6 yrs old) that I have found what appears to be a white fungus. It extends from the tip of the branch to the trunk and down the trunk. I have washed The white material off and in doing so I have found several larvae usually on or near the tip of the branch. I need to identify what this is and what insecticide/fungicide/larvacide I can use to save the trees. Chuck Reep

Cheboygan County Michigan

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If you could post a picture that would help to identify what may be going on.

What you are describing might be pine bark adelgid. A tree heavily infested with pine bark adelgid may have the look of snow on its branches and trunk. Healthy trees are not usually affected by the pine bark adelgid, and light to moderate infestations don't usually warrant control. If unsightly, the adelgids and wool can sometimes be washed off with water, using a strong stream from a garden hose or insecticides can be applied if desired. Here are a couple of links with information on identification and control of pine bark adelgid.