Pruning a tree

Asked September 20, 2019, 2:31 PM EDT

Hello! I have a crepe myrtle tree that is overgrowing its space. It was planted too close to the house and now almost breaking into the house [ :-) ] through the upstairs windows. Is it safe to cut it back significantly -- down to @12 feet height or so? Any tips on how to prune a mature tree like this? Thank you.

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

Best time to prune crape myrtle is late winter early spring (not now) and they require minimal pruning. When planting it is important to plan for mature height and width.

If you decide to prune, and need to reduce in height or shape, take a look at the attached links.

A better plan may be to plant a cultivar that meets the site conditions or plant another species of plant.