Goliath Bird Eater lost a leg

Asked September 19, 2019, 10:59 PM EDT

Hi, I’m not sure who to ask. I have a GBE Tarantula and she pulled off a leg. She is spraying clear fluid from her wound and keeps going in circles. I am very concerned for her well being. I know the regene their legs when they molt, But I have had her a year and she hasn’t molted yet? What do I do for my poor baby?

El Paso County Texas

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I'm no tarantula expert and am sure you would get better advice from one of the online tarantula forums like https://www.tarantulaforum.com/ Superglue comes to mind as far as quick repair of a missing limb; however I'm guessing there might be a reason why she pulled off a leg that needs to be addressed. Put out your question to the tarantula folks.