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Asked September 19, 2019, 9:34 AM EDT

I need help planning childcare gardens in Rogers, MN. We're currently thinking of portable gardens [garden boxes on wheels]. I'd like to strategize on how to best do this. You all probably have different thoughts and solutions on this. Thank you, Sami

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Gardening for kids is a wonderful addition to the childcare setting. Some of your design and planting will depend on the age/height of the kids. And what you expect to plant in them.

Most of the systems I have seen with wheels are taller. But there are some designs online that can work or you can custom build and add wheels to your containers. Metal troughs can also make good containers and come in many sizes at farm supply stores. You would want the wheels to lock in place so when the kids lean in to dig it does not roll.

Soil weight is also an issue, the wheels need to be strong. So if the boxes are more narrow it distributes the weight well and also allows for easier reach into the soil for kids.

I've included some links to resources that may help you with soil mixtures and planting ideas for kids.