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Asked September 19, 2019, 1:06 AM EDT

On Monday of this week (September 16, 2019) I killed a spider in my apartment (I live approximately 30-miles on the upper east side of Indianapolis). It was no larger around than a dime and ran pretty quickly across the back of my right hand. Fortunately, it did not bite me. It was completely black all over, had no antennae, but did have mandibles. (Attached is a photo of it.) The weather was in the upper 80s with high humidity, making the heat index about 95+/-. With this information, could you tell me what type or kind of spider this is? Thank you.

Madison County Indiana

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-Spiders do not have antennae, so that makes sense that you didn't see any.
-You can see mouthparts like mandibles and pedipalps on most spiders, so that also makes sense.
-Spider bites are grossly over reported and are actually rare unless that spider is defending itself (usually being squished or handled).

Do you have any other pictures of the spider that you can upload or send directly (vbertag@clemson.edu)? I ask because the picture is a little dark and I'm wondering about a certain characteristic before I send you my guess on identification.