Residential tree harvest

Asked September 18, 2019, 6:24 PM EDT

Hello! I have 1 tulip popular and 2 maples about 60 - 80 feet tall on my property. They have straight trunks. Is tree harvesting an option for me?

Wayne County Michigan

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Hi, there,
It sounds like you have three nice trees on your property!
Most timber harvests are 20 acres or more, and garner truckloads of wood. The expense to bring out equipment must be offset by a profit margin from the trees. That said, harvesting may be an option, and it would require locating someone interested in using the wood from the trees. Likely a wood crafter. Or someone with a portable sawmill. One consideration is that if there are houses in the area, and the trees can not fall in one piece, then the chances of finding someone who would pay for the trees diminishes further. I would recommend doing an internet search for Woodworking Shops in your area and asking those folks if they have any leads on someone who might be interested in the trees.
I hope this helps!
Take care,