sad Peace Lilly

Asked September 18, 2019, 3:51 PM EDT

Dear sirs: I have had a large for many years now and it has happily resided in a sunny corner of my dining room. I fed it for the first time in years Miacle Grow and I think I used entirely too much. My poor plant has been dropped over for three days now. I just repotted it with new soil today and I rinsied the roots and the leaves before doing so but it is still dropped over. I think it OD on miracle grow for plants. Is there anything I can do to make it healthy and happy again? I have it outside right now hoping that might cheer it up.

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We don't think the fertilizing is the issue (though you should fertilize as it says on the label.)

The pot is not visible in the photo, but seems very small for a peace lily that size. We suspect the pot is primarily full of roots, with scarce soil left. In that situation, when you water, very little water is absorbed, and there is little soil to hold water and release it gradually to roots. So, the plant quickly wilts. (Oftentimes, water simply runs down the inner side of the pot and never moistens the soil or roots at all, but it runs out the bottom so that it appears that the soil is saturated.)

The solution is to repot in a bigger pot--probably more than the usual one size larger.

We are assuming that when you pulled the plant out of the pot, that the roots looked good. If it had root rot then you would have seen black/brown/soft roots. Your plant should have white firm roots.

Drowning a plant will also make it wilt. Do check the pot and be sure the drainage is working. Your plant cannot stand in constant soggy-wet saturated soil all the time either.