What is it?

Asked September 18, 2019, 1:42 PM EDT

This has been growing in part of my yard. I think it is some kind of fungus but not sure. It is sort of hard. In one of the pictures, it shows wood chips stuck to it. I tried to take the pieces of wood chips out but couldn't. Any info on this would be appreciated. I don't want to destroy it with out any information on it.

Clackamas County Oregon mulch fungus slime mold

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Dog vomit fungus is a common name, and it’s not harmful. Cover it or remove it if its looks bother you. I found many articles from Extension to share. This blog from University of Florida is one: http://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/pinellasco/2011/05/16/is-that-dog-vomit-on-the-mulch/ This one from Penn State covers slime molds, mushrooms, and fungus common in landscape mulches: https://extension.psu.edu/what-is-growing-in-my-landscape-mulch-mushrooms-slime-molds-and-fungus

Hi Jacki,Sorry to take so long to respond. Thank you for your help and for the links. I did check out. I don't think mine is Dog Vomit. I took another picture this morning. It is starting to change colors but you can see the sides better that the first picture.I didn't see the petal like things on the dog vomit fungi.Thank you.

Now this looks like a type of polypore fungus. I searched online images for “polypore in wood chips” and have some similar things in photos. See what you think. Could there be tree roots under the wood chips? I’ve seen these on a tree stump a few years after cutting one down. These are not generally dangerous, so watching them grow and change is a fine thing to do. Or remove them if you’re concerned. We don’t identify mushrooms because there are so many differences, and never discuss edibility. Am I helping any? https://extension.oregonstate.edu/news/mushrooms-can-mean-healthy-soil

Hi Jackie,
Boy is my flower beds healthy :O)) Checked out your link and was helpful. Yes, there are tree roots under my fungi. I am going to leave, as I think they are beautiful. Thank you so much.