Cherry tree trunk

Asked September 18, 2019, 12:08 PM EDT

Is this trunk going to survive? Has the green water bag around it killed the tree? Thank you.... Kathleen

Howard County Maryland

1 Response

Good morning. A tree with this much damage to the trunk is likely going to have a section of dieback in the canopy and will not recover. The tissue that transports water and nutrients in a tree is located just underneath the outer bark and since a big portion of that has been stripped away, it is not going to thrive. This looks like it might have been some damage from a lawnmower rather than the tree bag. Also, it looks like the tree was planted too deeply, which can lead to decline over time.

Enjoy the tree while it lasts or consider replacing it with a healthy one.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers rebates for tree planting. Here is more information about the program.