help sick chicken

Asked September 18, 2019, 11:33 AM EDT

my chicken, a silkie under a year old, has been acting weird the past 3 days. she normally stays away from me but has been letting me get close enough to pick her up. when I put her in the grass next to me, she laid down and slept while I pet her, which is again weird because I could never get close enough to touch her before. her balance has been off too. she walks slow with a slight waddle. she hasn’t been going all the way into the coop a dusk either. we have had to manually put her in for 3 nights. she doesn’t eat or drink much, but I have been isolating her from the others to ensure she is getting some food and water. she is the smallest of the flock, so maybe she hasn’t been allowed to eat or drink, but she hasn’t been laying either. her poop is also very runny and a yellow/green color. it’s been sticking to her butt feathers a lot too. I worry because of how small she is and how young.

Jefferson County West Virginia

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Obviously, this Silkie is sick. The difficulty is that there are many possibilities for the symptoms you describe including bacterial or viral pathogens. Proper diagnosis and treatments requires the help of a Poultry Veterinarian. Since January of 2017 most antibiotics are only available by veterinary prescription. Since only one bird of several is affected, the probably is not particularly contagious, so chances are the other birds' immune systems have been able to fight the infection.

Sorry I can't be more help.