No blooms on hydrangeas

Asked September 18, 2019, 10:17 AM EDT

I moved to a new home two summers ago. There are extensive hydrangeas planted on the property, mostly with easy and west exposures. They are beautiful, healthy looking plants with dark green leaves, but have not bloomed last year or this year. There have not been any buds on any of the plants either year. Help!

Oakland County Michigan

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Could be the type of hydrangea or when you are pruning them.

Oakleaf hydrangeas don’t bloom reliably in many parts of Michigan because the flower buds are damaged by cold. Some hydrangeas only bloom on last year’s wood, and so the flower buds get pruned off in spring, or they don’t survive the cold.

If you attach a picture of the shrubs, and one of a branch held out so I can see the leaves along a stem, I may be able to tell you which type you have.

Tell me, please, how and when you prune them, and what fertilizer you have used and when it is applied. Thank you.