Barberry shrub invasion

Asked September 18, 2019, 9:17 AM EDT

Good morning,
I discovered that one of our shrubs is totally covered with brown pod like structures that appear to be exfoliating it. There are a couple of nearby shrubs with just one or two of the structures. Could you please tell me what it is and how I might be able to save the shrubs?
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Montgomery County Maryland

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We cannot make an accurate diagnosis from your photo. This looks like adventitious roots on the stems. It may disrupt the vascular tissue. Reaons for this include possible herbicide damage, a bacterium, fungal issues, etc.
Monitor and prune back dead branches and throw in the trash. Prune back to healthy tissue.

Here is some information. Barberry is an invasive plant and we do not recommend planting them. They spread by seed and vegetative means and displace our native plants. Barberry seed is transported to new locations with the help of birds and small mammals which eat it.
You may want to take the opportunity to plant some native species as a replacement.